Abundant Wanting

Not too long ago I had a one day seminar with my coach trainees.  These are the women who have studied all my materials and tools on top of already being certified through another organization.

You know what we spent most of that day working on?


It is so interesting how many of us full time coaches forget to do the basic techniques that are tried and true.  It seems the more we get into thought work and being present, the less we want to focus our on futures and creating our lives.

I asked each of the coaches to set a financial goal for the coming year.  I asked them each to pick a dollar amount they wanted to generate (knowing that this will get resistance). Sure enough, I got push back from some of them.  In general, they said, "What if you don't want anything more?  What if I am perfectly happy with the amount of money I have right now?  Why should I have to write a goal of getting more?"


Many of us are conditioned to want from a place of lack.  We write goals and lists of things we want- feeling badly as we write them.  Some of us believe that if we want more that we are somehow not appreciating what we have right now.

I couldn't disagree more.

I believe the only way to want (and write goals) is from a place of abundance.  I encourage my clients to write lists of things they want. On this list, they should include the things they want and already have.  For example: I want an awesome relationship with my husband.  I already have this and I want it.  I want it from a place of abundance and the wanting feels good.

Wanting is an amazing, inspiring, enlivening force when we want from a place of abundance.  It can be exciting and energizing to think about what we want for our lives.  It opens us up to our own growth and creativity to set big goals and cultivate the new thinking required to achieve them.

But (you may be asking) when is enough enough?

Right now.

I have enough in this moment and I love wanting more from a place of enough.  Wanting is only exhausting when we believe we can't have what we want or that if we don't have it- we can't be happy.

Wanting is what keeps life moving. Wanting what is and wanting what will be…

I have and want more joy.

I have and want more love.

I have and want more Chris, money, yoga, clients, family time.

I have and want this life.

And from abundance I will have it.

And want even more….