It’s So Worth It

Sometimes we avoid pain and we know it.

We know we are eating the food to avoid the sadness.

We know we are drinking the wine to avoid the fear.

The pain seems so much harder than the cookies.

But it's not.

The pain covered in cookies becomes pain covered in fat covered in more pain.

Pain is hard.

To go through and feel the emotion instead of avoiding/distracting is courageous.

Sometimes we say, "Just this once I will avoid it.  I'm too tired today."

We think that it doesn't matter.

It does.

We abandon ourselves. 

We look away from our own suffering.

And when we do it on purpose-it hurts more-not less.

Be willing to feel what is true.  Sometimes what is true is:








When we say yes to the truth and feel what is real, we connect and learn to have intimacy with ourselves-our true selves.

That connection is not something you can buy.

It is something you earn.

Each time.

And it's so worth it.