For Diana

Diana is my yoga teacher.  (One of them anyway-she co-owns the studio where I practice.)

She won't read this post, but I offer it out into the universe for myself and for her and for anyone considering what they might do with their life.

I go to yoga almost every day. (My goal for 2010 is to make yoga my main source of physical exercise and to see what my body will do with 6-7 days of yoga.)

For many years I only dreamt of having a yoga studio to attend in my town.  I wanted it to be somewhere I loved to practice.

About one year ago, Diana decided to move across the country to open one in my town.

She followed her dream.

She took the risk.

She faced her fears.

She taught those first few weeks when it was just me and two others showing up to some classes.

She showed up.

She doubted her doubt. (Her ongoing advice to us.)

I just got back from yoga this morning.  The place was packed.  We had to squeeze our mats together to fit. 

She was there.

She showed up.

Often, when we are asked to dedicate our practice to someone, I dedicate it to her.  My eyes fill with tears when I think about how grateful I am to have such an amazing place to practice yoga.

My life is forever changed because she had the courage to be who she is.

It is one of the only times in my daily life when I give myself over as a student and receive.

Most of the time I am the teacher and the coach.  At Zuda Yoga, I am the student.


You inspire me to be more of who I am.

Your life has made a difference in my life.

Thank You.


This one's for you.