And then, just like that…

After three months of Square One work- I found myself smiling.

Greeting myself in my own life.

Cleansed. Refreshed. Renewed.

I feel like the Universe has been cleaning my psyche with an SOS pad.  And now I can sparkle.

After reading my past few blog posts, a reader send me an email in a panic.

"Brooke Castillo-you can't have problems!  If you suffer and struggle, what kind of hope is there for any of us?"

She was serious.

I was amused.

I believe I am a good coach because I have been to hell and back. Twice.  Not because I dance on a cloud all day and never feel pain.

My pain hurts just as badly as your pain.  Pain is pain.

I have to use these tools just as often as you do.  My thoughts keep coming everyday-just like yours.

And sometimes, I go through a catalytic event that throws me on my ass into Square One.

I cry.

And cry.

And get really really scared.

I hide behind my fear and look away from my thoughts.

I watch myself do it.

Then I get to work.

And then it still hurts and I do it again.

Then I want to give up.

Then I do give up.

Then I start again and cry some more.

Work. Cry. Work. Cry.

At some point I start taking some action and believing in new thoughts.

And then the dreams begin.  The scheming begins.

I have a tremendous surge of energy driving me to Create from my new place of healing.

I look in the mirror and recognize myself looking back and I say to myself,

"Now, let's have some fun!"

And I mean it.