Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong

If you haven't heard this Michael Franti song, please give yourself the pleasure.  He is amazing.

Every single time I hear this song I love myself and the other people in my life more.

It changes my vibration and puts me into a state of forgiveness and peace.

As part of our Art of Self Coaching series, Meadow DeVor and I use music as part of the coaching.  It has been very powerful for me to use this medium to take me deeper into myself, and also to help me celebrate my amazing life.

Just the other day, I had a situation where I felt "wronged".  I got upset for a few hours.  Meadow suggested I listen to this Michael Franti song.

And, honestly, it changed everything.

"People just trying to be heard."

I wanted to be heard.

But so did the other person.

So I heard what they had to say.

And they heard me.

In the end, we resolved the whole situation with kindness.

Nobody right. Nobody wrong.