How Not to Lose Your Mind

Keep an eye on it.

If you don't want to lose something, you pay attention to what it is doing.

Toddlers for example.  (A perfect example for most minds too.)

You have to watch where they run off to.  What trouble they want to get into.  Stuff they want to put into their mouths. And what things they keep going back to-like the pool.

Your mind is the same way.  You need to watch what it's thinking.  What it is running off with.  What it is believing.  What lies it is telling you.  And what it wants you to put into your mouth.

Ignore a toddler by distracting yourself with something else, and you are asking for trouble.

At the very least you are going to lose them and have to go looking.

Ignore your mind for long enough and you might end up saying, "I am losing my mind!"

But the truth is, if you are saying that -it's already lost.

Go find it.  And then keep an eye on it.