Creating Emotion

Creating your own emotion deliberately does not mean you don't feel emotions.

It doesn't mean you pretend you're not feeling negative emotion.

Just the opposite.

You acknowledge the negative emotion, find it's cause and then you create an alternative.

It means being able to create the emotion you want to feel with your thinking. With your mind.

This is important to know how to do.

It is the way to get what you want.

Your emotions are what dictate your actions and your results.

Negative emotions from negative thinking never garner positive results.

That is not how the Law of Attraction works. Ever.

When you use your mind to create emotion, instead of relying on external circumstances to change your thoughts, you find true empowerment. True deliberate creation.

You don't "act" like you feel good-you genuinely create the feel good first and then it comes.

Feeling amazing on purpose and for real is the beginning (not the end) of getting what you want.

What emotion have you created today?

What do you expect tomorrow?

Are they in alignment?