Inspiring vs. Impressing

Which one does your life do?

I used to be all about impressing other people.

Look at me!

Look at my outfit, my car, my cute apartment, my grades.

Look at how much weight I can lose!

But, as Martha Beck says, "When people are busy being impressed looking at you, they might not ever see you."

And they didn't see me.

I didn't even see me.

Even when I was able to "impress" someone, it didn't give me peace.  It gave me the feeling of anxiety-because I felt I needed to keep impressing them.

More clothes, more weight to lose, more make-up to buy….

Then, I went to a seminar and wrote a mission statement for my life:  I want to be an example of what is possible.

As I started to live my life based on this new desire, I stopped trying to impress.  I started to get to know myself and learn what I truly wanted and what I was capable of doing.

I wanted what was possible for my life.  I wanted to show myself what I could be.

It was a good decision. 

After losing weight and keeping it off, I became much less interested in showing off and impressing, and much more interested in inspiring others to figure out why they were overeating.

It led to my life of being a coach.  Of being seen.  And seeing.

What about you?

Are you trying to get people to look at you?

Or are you letting them really see you?