Overeating (cont.)

What you must understand is there is a huge difference between not overeating and not wanting to overeat.

If you stop overeating, but you still really want to; you will be in constant pain.  The pain of denying yourself something you want.

And even if there is a part of you that wants to stop overeating because you want to lose weight-it will be always fighting with the part of you that wants to overeat.

This fight always has a loser.  And because it is between you and you.  You always lose.

So by doing the thought work to eliminate the thoughts that cause you to want to overeat, you release yourself from this struggle.

You join up with you-on your own side.  There is no fight because you are in agreement with you.

The question must become: Why do you want to overeat?

And each of your answers to this question must be evaluated. They must be questioned for truthfulness. They must be deprogrammed.

The essential part of you never wants anything that causes you harm.  It never wants you to overeat. It wants you to feel what you feel. It wants you to stay connected. It wants you to eat when you are hungry and nourish yourself. It wants you to have peace.

So the part of you that wants to overeat is your mind.  You mind that has been programmed by messages and behaviors throughout your whole life.

If you change your mind. You change your emotion of desire.

Then, instead of lose-lose, you have win-win.

It really is as simple as that.