Shhhhh. Don’t overthink it.

Yesterday, my friend Lorie says to me, "Shhhhh.  Don't over-think it."

I was going on and on about one of our mutual friend's actions.

Trying to explain why.

Coming up with elaborate theories as to how.

Guessing and alleging…

She just shushed me.

I immediately let it go and felt free.

It was awesome.

I have used it a couple more times today with the same results.

My husband received  a tension-filled phone call .

My thoughts went crazy.

I just told them to shhhhhhh. I said, "Don't over-think it," to my mind.

Immediate freedom and relief.

Did the same thing when the kids were being mean to each other.

I told my my mind to shhhh.

It worked.


Try it.