It Takes Energy

It takes energy to gain weight.

It takes energy to go into debt.

It takes energy to be angry at someone you love.




It all takes energy.

If you do nothing- you can't be in debt.  Going into debt takes way more energy than staring at a wall. Debt doesn't just happen to you.  You don't wake up one day in debt.

You have to apply and get a credit card.

You have to activate it.

You have to buy something with it.

You have to pay the bill (or the minimum payment).

You have to apply and get a second credit card.

That is how debt "happens."

You use your precious, limited life-supply of energy to go into debt.

And then you spend more energy suffering the debt.

More energy complaining about the debt.

More of your energy getting out of debt.

Same with getting overweight.

Same with fighting.

It would be easier and take much less effort to do nothing.

In fact, doing nothing, just might be a fabulous idea to consider.