I’m Inspired by Inspiration

I love an inspired coach.  I love a coach who produces good work.  I love a coach who actually still does one on one coaching and weight loss groups-mostly because I don't do it much anymore. 

I receive so many emails from my readers and clients wanting more. 
More than I have the time to give.  So this post is for them.  If you
want to work with someone is on her game, work with Bridgette Boudreau. She is so money right now.  I have been loving her postings.
The information on her upcoming coaching group is below.  And at the
very least, enjoy her inspired blog post below….(so damn good)

The River of Your Emotional Life

Think of your emotions like a river.

When you overeat, overdrink, overshop, whatever, it’s like building a
dam with sticks, but the only thing that happens is the river builds up
behind the sticks until it flows over and through them. The river
actually becomes more powerful and concentrated the more you try to stop
it. The way to make a river gentler is by widening the banks and
smoothing the slope, which in terms of your emotions means allowing them
to exist. When your emotions feel big, create a bigger space for them.
Allow them to flow. Don’t try to constrict them with dams made of
Cheetos and cute shoes.

For those of you who don't know Bridgette, she is one of my certified
coaches who also lost weight using the tools I teach.  She started with
my training, but has expanded and bettered it with her own style and
experience.  Her groups are badass.  Lose weight with her.  At the very
least you will laugh.  A lot.


If you're ready to do the deep-dive to understand what's really
driving your overeating, drop your diet dogma and dump those pounds that
no longer belong on your body, then get on into The Groove Kitchen.

Class starts Monday September 20th, 2-3:30 PT.

Investment: $449

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