Follow the Fun

I recently hired someone very talented to do some work for me.

I paid her thousands of dollars to create some magic.  I knew she could because her work is amazing.

Except when we worked together there was no magic.  I didn't like what she created and I am sure she didn't like that I didn't like her work.

We tried our best to fit-to work it out- to make it magical.

It just was, well, so much work.

When I realized that I wasn't going to be happy with the final product, I started debating on whether or not I should just end the working relationship.

I belabored it.  I pro and conned it.  I justified.  I got mad.

So at yoga, one morning, I ran the whole thing by my girlfriend, Lorie.

She listened to the whole story and didn't say a word.

And then she said, "Are you having any fun?"

Um, fun?  No. No fun.

She says, "Then move on."

But what about all the money I have invested?

"Let it go.  Follow the fun."

Instantly I felt a wave of relief.  I wanted permission to follow the fun, to move downstream and to release myself from a strained working relationship regardless of the cost.

And so I did.

And the fun came flooding back in.

Give yourself permission to follow the fun.

Whatever it is you are hanging on to as a reason not to be in fun… let it go.