What Would Cookie Do?

I am in love with my friend’s dog, Cookie.

Cookie is one of those dogs who lives love. She is always looking for new ways to get closer.  She bites my earlobes, tries to climb into my face, and licks my eyelashes.  She is pure Heaven.

Cookie’s owner, my friend, is going through a bit of drama with some of her family members.  There are angry words and past hurt feelings that affect the day to day life of her extended family.

She recently got an email from someone in her family that made her furious .  She had a whole story and a whole plan built around her story that was causing her tremendous stress and anxiety.

I offered some of my own coaching and suggested there was another alternative. I suggested there was a way of being that would make her proud of herself, not angry and bitter at others.  It was the perspective she needed.

Then, I very seriously told her that from now on when she is contacted by a member of her extended family, and she wants to practice unconditional love (for her own sake), she only needs to ask herself one question.

What would Cookie do?

Cookie would love. (For her own sake.)