You have options when it comes to your mind and your thinking.

The first option-which most of us default to- is unconscious thought.

This is when you let your thoughts run your life unsupervised.

This is when you aren't even aware of your own thinking.

The second option is when you are aware of negative thinking and choose to avoid it.

You eat. Drink. Drama. Work.  Anything to pretend your thoughts aren't causing you to feel bad.

This is distraction from yourself and your own mind.

This is pushing thoughts down deeper so they fester. And grow more potent.

The third option is to become aware of your mind and what it is thinking.

To pay attention. To listen to yourself think.

And to decide if what your mind is thinking is working for you. And if it isn't-to redirect it.

One thought at a time. Deliberately.

Once you "clean up" your thinking, you can direct your life.

And from there, you can find the space between your thoughts.

The place beyond thinking.