"Deserving of some benefit from someone else."

Does this notion of entitlement ever serve us?

The belief that someone owes us?

They have so much-I should get some of it.

I have worked hard-why can't I get mine (from you).

If this is you.  If you are expecting other people to give you what you deserve.  If you think someone has so much they might or should give you some of it.  If you pretend its yours-but really you are just taking it.


This doesn't end well.

This creates dependence.

And stunts your own growth.

And hurts the person (corporation or government) you are entitling from.

More importantly it hurts you.

You are entitled to what you give yourself.

And receive (without believing it is because you deserve it) from others.

Drop your entitlement.

You're entitled to that.