Are you really being you?

I refuse to let anything be more important than my family.

My husband and my two kids.  Heaven.

Their opinion is the one that matters the most.

I won't travel away from them too often or too long.

I don't take on projects that pull my attention away from them.

There is no opportunity more important to me than the opportunity to watch them play soccer, eat a meal at our kitchen table, or laugh hysterically to AFV.

I don't let busy take me away from them.

I don't let frustration separate me from them.

I work on my mind every single day so I can be connected.  Not on Facebook or Twitter, but in my home.

It is not always easy.

I have to work hard on it sometimes.

But I know it is what I am meant to be doing right now.

I recently turned down thousands of dollars to speak to a corporation because it would mean I would miss being at my son's tournament.  I have arrived late and left early to many events with no apology so I can make it home to be with them.

It's totally selfish.  I realize this.

But here's the thing….

I want to be better. I want to be happier. I want to be a more evolved human being because of them.

I love who I am when I'm with them.

I am my very best self driving them to school.

I get a lot of jabs from my colleagues because I am more soccer mom than marketing guru. They laugh because I really don't want to work very much, and when I do I want it to be with people I adore.  (Hello Rowdies!!)

And I am not saying you should do the same.  I am not saying you should spend more time with your husband or your kids.  I am saying you should spend the MAJORITY of your time (online and in person) with people who expect you to be your very best (real) you.

We should all find the people who want us to be ourselves.

People who genuinely love us. Not the hyped up (How many friends/followers do you have?) shiny professional headshot idea of you, but the real, (How many people can we fit in this chair to cuddle?) flawed, imperfect you.

As one of my newest friends (Abby who is 4 years-old)  recently told me, "Hey, I'm really glad you're you."


Are you being you?