What I’m not Thankful for…

I know.

I'm a coach.

I should be making a gratititude journal and sharing it with you.

But I'm not.

I am going, instead, to tell you what I have no gratitude for.

Don't worry.  It makes me feel good to acknowledge all of it.

I am not thankful for people who lie to me.

People who sue me.

People who hurt my husband.

Kids who fight with my kids.

Long lines.

Flat soda.

Oak cabinetry.

Areas with no cell phone service.


A loose hampster in my home.

Crazy diets that hurt my clients' bodies.


My dog getting sick.

Running out of wild bird food.

Forgetting sweetened condensed milk for the Thanksgiving Chocolate Pie.

That it has been way too long since I have talked to my girl, Christine Kane.

I'm not thankful that there are people who are alone on this holiday season.

People who are homeless. And cold.

Friends who miss me.

Friends I miss.

That my grandma isn't here to make her stuffing and her gravy.

That I haven't heard my late brother laugh in over 10 years.

That candy isn't good for us.

 I am not thankful that my sons love to play a video game where they shoot and kill people.

I am not thankful, that Jenny, who just emailed me, loves my book more than she loves herself.

Or nausea.

But most importantly,  I have no gratitude for heavy metal rock music, cigarettes, bad breath, or body odor.

Just keepin it real this holiday season.

All my love to you and yours.