The other day I was in Michael's Craft Store with my hilarious friend, Lorie.

She was making fun of me and imitating me so perfectly, we both literally bent over in silent-can't-catch-our-breath laughter.

I had tears streaming down my face and high-pitched noises coming from my mouth in an attempt to speak.

Every time we looked at each other we lost it again.  Loudly.

This went on for at least five minutes.

Two grown women. Laughing so hard they were crying. On a Tuesday afternoon.

We tried to go to the counter to pay for our items, but every time we composed ourselves, we would glance at each other and start in again.

She had makeup streaming down her face.  My hands were black with mascara.

We couldn't stop.  The harder we tried to stop. The harder we laughed.

A middle-aged women came around the corner with her cart and stopped.  She stared at us.  She, herself, could not help but laugh.

Then she said, "Good for you, girls.  Good for you."

I loved this woman.  I loved that she loved us laughing.  I loved that she laughed even though she didn't know what was funny. I loved that she didn't ask and didn't need to know.

I have always been a laugher, and more often than not I am told it is too loud, inappropriate, obnoxious, or immature. 

I used to unknowingly say to myself, "Keep it down, girl."

But now, thanks to this wonderful woman whom I met on a Tuesday…

I say, "Good for you, girl. Good for you."