Weight Texting

I have a very good friend (let's call her Barbie) who has read my book and is losing weight.

Although I am not her coach, I am gently (alllright, not so gently) helping.

Here is a snippet of a text exchange we had yesterday:


Barbie: I'm going to weigh in tomorrow….eek

Brooke: Weigh everyday, silly

Barbie: Hell no. I will get bummed. I like one time a week-is that lame?

Brooke: Depends on how much you want to work on your mind.  Understanding why you get bummed and how to overcome that is key to permanent weight loss.

Barbie: Wow. Never thought of it that way. Damn.

Barbie:  I was always taught to do it once a week. I don't know how to combine that thought.  I will keep reading.

Brooke: Once a week is for pansies

Barbie:  I am a total pansy

Brooke: Nah

Brooke: Your negative thinking about the number hurts.  You don't want to hurt.

Barbie:  I know.  I am actually learning that. It's more of learning a new way and creating new habits.  I am old school looking to be new and improved.

Brooke: Yeah. Old school got you here. New approach gets new results.

Barbie:  Love it.


For all my weight loss clients who avoid the scale-I want you to know that you are only really avoiding your own mind.   That is why you overeat. The way to freedom is to explore and become more intimate with your mind and how it "reacts" when put in stressful situations.  (Looking at your weight on a scale.)

What better playground?  What better opportunity to watch your mind think crazy thoughts?

Only then can you change them.

Weigh yourself every single day.

Do your thought work.

You are not a pansy. Don't be afraid of a negative thought.

You can do this.