Releasing Resistance

Why are we afraid to do this?

And we are afraid.

We believe-

If we don't fight, we will lose.  (Even when the battle is within us.)

If we don't argue, it means they're right.

If we don't stay angry, it means what they did was ok.

But it doesn't really mean any of these things.  It just means we feel crappy.

And disconnected.

And mad.

It is such a trip to be super mad (as I was today) and in the middle of the madness decide not to be.

To let go.

To give it up.

To breathe.

It doesn't mean they're right.

It doesn't mean what they did was ok.

And it certainly doesn't mean we have lost.

It means we are at peace. It means we have released our resistance even though we might still be saying no.  It means we are searching for a way to make everyone right and nobody wrong.

It means, at the very least, that we are still connected to ourselves.

You can't fight your way to peace.  Peace comes when the fight is over.

You can't resist your way to freedom.

But you can release yourself from the fight any time you want.