My School

When I was a little kid I used to stay in my room for hours teaching school.
I would line my stuffed animals up and teach them everything they needed to know to live a good life.
I always knew in my heart I would grow up and be a teacher.

I have since spent my life teaching.
When I was in middle school I taught week-long camps at the local ranch by my home.
I taught young kids and some adults how to ride.
As I got older, I taught at-risk youth coping skills.
When I worked for Hewlett Packard, I taught procurement specialists how to procure.
Now, I teach my clients how to use their minds to create the life they want.
I teach my students how to be effective coaches to their clients.

So, this month is an amazing month for me as I open my school.
I want to give students and coaches an alternative to the larger organizations that provide a similiar education.
I want to offer a shorter program, but more intense courses with real-time feedback and lots of communication between the students and the teachers.

The best coaches are the ones who practice coaching the most.  There is no one better to practice on than ourselves.  You know you are a good coach when your self-coaching increases your self-awareness and makes you feel better.  This school is dedicated to that end.

I am so proud of the coaches I have already trained.  They are some of the most successful coaches in this industry, and I believe it is because of the work they did on themselves and the work we did together.

So, if you are interested in “going back to school” and getting trained to be a coach or deepen your current practice, consider my private school as one of your options.  It would be my honor to be your teacher.

And if you are already enrolled or if you are one of the many who have sent me emails congratulating me, let me just say thank you.  Thank you so much for supporting me and my work.

Thank you for helping my dreams come true.

Now, let’s get to work on yours…

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