What Great Life Coaches Know

I am starting a new blog in addition to this one over at The Life Coach School.  This will be the only duplicate blog posting between the two blogs because I do realize that many of my blog readers are not coaches.

I want to invite those of you who are to join me over there as well.  (And even if you aren’t a coach, you are more than welcome.)

My new blog will be titled: What Great Life Coaches Know.

It will be a series of postings over the next year on the following topics:

1. Emotions:  I will be doing an in depth look at our emotions one at a time and exploring how different emotions drive different actions and why. I will focus on the especially damaging emotions and also the most useful.

2. Common Thinking Patterns:  I will be posting about thought patterns that many of my clients have shared with me, and how they can create a web of pain that is completely unnecessary.  I will take each thought one at a time and explore possible origins and effective replacement thoughts.

3. Behaviors:  I will be looking at our most destructive behaviors, including addictions and compulsions one at time and evaluating the most effective pathways to change.

4. Circumstances:  I will break down the most common circumstances that trigger pain and how to manage thinking when certain circumstances arise.

I hope you will join me at www.thelifecoachschool.com  (Coaches Blog)