Thought Chaperone

My friend, Lorie, tried not to go out with me and the girls the other night.

I talked her into it, and when she got in the car, I asked her what was wrong.

She told me that she had been alone with her thoughts all day without a chaperone.

So funny.

We were laughing so loud.

But she was right.

She had spent all day thinking negative thoughts.

And worse yet, believing them.

So later, I thought about her comment.

I realized that maybe instead of being called a Life Coach, I should be called a Thought Chaperone.

A chaperone is there to keep an eye on things and make sure nothing happens that isn't in the best interest of the person.

I keep an eye on my client's (and my friend's) minds.

But I can't always be there for you.

So you will have to step up and be your own chaperone.

Keep an eye on that mind of yours.

It shouldn't be let out (or left in) alone.