Loving my Tax Bill

My new accountant called today and told me my old accountant had made an error on my estimated tax for 2010.

He told me I owed  a small fortune to the IRS by April 15th.

More than a lot of people make in a year.


So I asked myself how I want to feel about this bill.

I would like to love it. To be excited about it.

So what would I have to think to love it?

Here is what I came up with:

I love living in America: If I pay my taxes I can do whatever I want for a living.

I have the ability to pay this bill.

I love that I tell the truth to IRS and make an honest living.

I love that I am the kinda girl who makes enough money to have a big tax bill.

Most importantly, I love that this tax bill is my invitation to be more involved with my accountant on a regular basis.  I can't count on them to be perfect or monitor my taxes.  That's my job.  It's part of being a grown up.  It is what I am being called to do.

It's a call I am going to answer.  I am going to listen and be a better business owner and a more conscious tax manager.

It is also a testament to who I already am as a money manager.  Because I don't have debt and because I have an emergency fund and because I pay attention to my thoughts and my attitude about money-this won't affect my life negatively.  

This same tax bill might bankrupt someone else.  This unfortunate error could cause irreparable damage if I hadn't been paying as much attention as I do.

It makes me feel grateful. Thankful. Proud.

I am going to actively love this tax bill right up until the moment I pay it and after.  I will love it because it feels better to love it than to hate it.

I want to feel good. And today, after getting my tax bill, I do.