Most of us are good at wanting.

We want more money.

We want a relationship.

We want customers.

We want exposure.

We want to be thin.

But how good are we at having?

I was thinking about this today as I was hiking.  I was thinking about all of the things I had once really really wanted, that I now have.

A loving relationship

Healthy kids


A job I love

Clients who amaze me

Students who inspire me

A plasma TV

A white Pottery Barn couch 

It seems wanting these things was exciting and intense and strong.

Having them seems less exciting-more routine.

Why is that?  It doesn't make sense.  It seems having should be way better than wanting.

I want to be a better "haver".

I want to really have what I have.

I want to have as a verb.

Just thinking about what I have, paying attention to what I have, being with what I have, using what I have, appreciating what I have, loving what I have puts me in a place of so much joy.

It fills me with a sense of completion, accomplishment, and empowerment.

It doesn't make me want any less.

It just helps me want what I already have.

I want to be better at having.