Keeping a Journal

One of the biggest things missing in most of my client's lives is awareness.


One of the most basic and most effective tools for awareness is keeping a journal.

For my clients who want to lose weight, I have them keep the food journal.

It is enlightening.  If they do it.

At my Life Coach School, for the Weight Coach Training, we require each student to keep a food journal for the six weeks of the class.  It is an eye opener.  Even the coaches who have never had an emotional eating issue learn so much from what and how they eat.

For the Money Coaches, we have them keep a spending journal.  And even though money has never been one of my problem areas, I decided to keep it with them for a week.

Life. Changing.

Everyday I wrote down everything I spent in my personal and business accounts.  I then used Meadow DeVor's abundance scale to rate how I felt about each of my purchases.

It woke me up.

It made me so aware.

I didn't use it as a reason to judge or beat myself up. I used it as a way to be more curious. To question habits in my spending, automatic payments and other options.

More importantly, it gave me a reason each day to go in and ask myself how I felt.

After one week, I know myself better.

Because of a simple money journal.

Try it.


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