How Does She Know?

I love birds.

I know nothing about them except that I love them.

A few years ago we had a Robin’s nest on our deck and we watched the entire process from courtship to those babies fleeing the nest.

This year we have doves.

Doves are so amazing.  They work together raising their babies.

They take turns sitting on the eggs and they take turns watching them when they hatch.

I have sat for many an hour staring at their family.

Mom. Dad. Two Babies. One small nest.

I worry about those babies.

But the momma doesn’t seem to.

I ‘m not sure if she has done this before-but she is so confident.

She knows what she’s doing.

I am pretty sure she didn’t take a class.

Pretty sure her mother didn’t come by at all to help. (I would’ve seen her)

She just knows.

She doesn’t know to say, “I don’t know.”

I believe we all have this knowledge within us.  When we listen to our wisdom.

When we know that we know…

That’s when the magic happens.