Passively Doing Something

I didn't know it was possible to passively do something. 

I thought passive and do were opposites, but I have since learned otherwise.

My son can passively do soccer practice.

My readers can passively read my books.

My clients can passively eat their food.

I can passively listen to my kids.

My students can passively take my classes.

But why?

Why do something passively?

If we are going to do it, why not do it?

Passive means not participating readily.

I believe that how we do anything can translate into how we do everything.

If we passively take a weight loss class-we will passively (not readily) lose weight.

We will do something without really do-ing it.

And then we will wonder why our results aren't great.

If you're going to do something- I mean spend your money and go somewhere and do something.

Do it.

Come alive with it.

Take notes. Show up. Talk. Do the exercises. Engage. Make mistakes. 


Because we miss you when you aren't fully there.

And you miss the real you, too.