Find What you Like

Some of you are with your extended families this weekend.

I know I am.

I am in Lake Tahoe with my family of four, my parents, my sister and her family of four, and my brother and his family of four.

There is also a lot of alcohol in this beautiful home on the lake.

Can anyone say thought work?  

But- there is also so much to like. So much to love.

If I look for it, I will find it.

What I choose to focus on will determine how my weekend goes.

It is completely up to me.

I can focus on the undertones and comments and crankiness that comes with small children mixed with stressed adults, or I can focus on what I love about them.

How do I want this memory to be lodged in my mind?  What do I want to take home and with me for the rest of my life?

The laughter. The smiling little girl giggles. The fist pumps between my brother and son. The hugs. The games I win. The sunshine. The kids behind my dad's boat. The lake.  My family.

What will you choose to think about and remember this weekend?

Find what you like and forget the rest.