Getting Rowdy in Lake Tahoe

Meadow wrote the following this morning from our Rowdy Retreat:


I’m sitting in the window of an old Tahoe cabin a few feet from the water. Coffee cup on the window sill. Listening to Eva Cassidy on my headphones. The sun is coming up.

For the past year and a half Brooke and I have been teaching a class called The Art of Self Coaching. We began calling our students (teachers) the Rowdy Prisoners pulling inspiration from a poem by Hafiz.

Dropping Keys

The small man
Builds cages for everyone
While the sage,
Who has to duck his head
When the moon is low,
Keeps dropping keys all night long
For the


And over time they’ve become The Rowdies.

Our Rowdies.

These classes have transformed me. They’ve transformed Brooke.  And they’ve transformed the lives of over one hundred women.

There is no way to describe the connection that I have to these Rowdies. I love them. I talk to them every day. I wake up and read their messages from all around the world. We share our inner work, our fears, our hopes.

I am their coach and their teacher.

They are my coaches. My teachers. My friends.

Yesterday, at noon, one by one or two by two, Rowdies pulled down the winding driveway to the beautiful lakefront cabin that Brooke set up for our retreat.

For the first time I got to see these beautiful Rowdy faces. Hear their voice and see their smile.

It’s humbling. Amazing.

These women that have only met online – who know each other so deeply and intimately. These women who are so devoted to their own inner work.

As I write this – these women are in this house.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a question on our forum: What does it mean to be a Rowdy?

Here are a few of their responses…

A Rowdy is someone who thinks it’s possible to take a look inside her head and create herself.

What’s it take? A willingness to be wrong.

A Rowdy is willing to streak naked through the forum.

A Rowdy is someone who is willing to reflect, to question what they have always believed and see it a different way, to laugh at themselves and to dare to live fully as their true self.  It takes showing up, putting it out there and sometimes saying, “@#$% it I am doing this” to be a Rowdy.

It takes GUTS to be a Rowdy.


Here’s some of what we’ve been up to lately:

Starting businesses with heart and purpose.  Learning to love people who drive us nuts.

We’re doing spiritual battle with our minds and making peace in our workplaces.  Run camps and bars/restaurants and fish stores…creating jobs and supporting families. We teach classes about sex!

In our families, we’re raising amazing kids. Making peace with parents. We’ve buried a sibling without losing our mind.  We’ve set boundaries with ex-husbands/boyfriends and other assorted trouble makers.  We’ve looked at our relationships, straight in the face, and are making decisions about what to do from a place of clarity and love.

We’re looking to take a hold of our futures, digging out of debt, making plans, tearing up or still using our credit cards…getting in integrity with our money, however that looks for each one of us.  We’ve created miracles with our cash situation.

Rowdies know who they are (or are at least moving that way!) We’ve embraced our inner punks and starting living into our gracefulness. Closets and tupperware cabinets have been purged.  Now, we move to live ever more deeply out of that knowing. We’re learning how to find ourselves in new countries/new homes.

Rowdies trade fish for chocolate.

We tell the truth to ourselves and to one another in this place. We stick it out with one another, teach one another, coach one another, encourage, joke, and occasionally tell someone to cut the shit. Because we love!

What does it take? I believe it takes honor, courage and commitment. Love. A sense of humor for sure! We might not be an elite fighting unit in the way people understand that, but in my mind…that’s what we are.  Warriors committed to the ways of peace, creativity, and more fun.  I don’t think everyone is cut out for this life, but I’m unbelievably grateful to have found this place, you people and this work.

One awesome thing about being a rowdy… we don’t go alone. We always know we walk around with this group that has got our backs. 


Whether or not you’ve been in this class. On this forum. Or here at the cabin.

If you’re working on your life.
If you’re working on your relationship with yourself.
Or with others.

If you’re learning how to love yourself.
Your body.
Your money.
Your life.

If you’re wishing and hoping and dreaming and living.
If you’re reading this right now…
You’re part of this.

You’re a Rowdy.

We are all.


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