Just When You Want to Quit…

And you don’t.  You’re introduced to who you are.

This summer we had our annual retreat for the Rowdies and The Life Coach School coaches in beautiful Lake Tahoe.  It was life changing for all of us.  Truly.

Part of the retreat was a rope’s course designed to bring up our frustrations and our fears.  And it did.  It did more than any of us had planned.  But it was an amazing metaphor for our lives.

Those of us who quit early, tried to quit early.  Those of us who get frustrated easy, got frustrated. Those of us who have a hard time trusting, had a hard time trusting.  And those of us who are over-confident, freaked out when we weren’t in control and had to rely on others.  It was brilliant.



In that safe environment, we were able to see ourselves, pay attention to ourselves, and learn.  In my opinion, there is nothing more powerful than learning what you’re made of.  Learning that you can go so much further than you thought you could and not quitting.  Learning that frustration was only caused from a thought.  That trying to control everything is impossible and unnecessary.


As coaches, Meadow and I spent most of our time looking up at our clients and our students.  And that was the most powerful metaphor for us.  We love these women. We learn from these women. We are these women.

And most of all, we believe in them.

And You….