Letting go of my Son’s Success

My son brought home his test last week-Friday.

History Chapter 4 Test

Grade: D

I took a minute and decided not to freak out.

I asked him why he thought he got a D as we hugged.

He said he didn’t study hard enough.

He said his teacher was going to let him retake it on Monday.

I resisted the urge to pull the book out of his backpack right then and start studying.

I resisted the urge to force him to study all weekend and forego eating, bathing and speaking.

I let him figure it out.

I was willing to let him get another D.

I let his grade be his and his alone.  I didn’t put my own worry all over it.

He studied a little. (nowhere near the amount I would have)


He retook the test on Monday.

I pretended not to be waiting and wondering and worrying.

On Wednesday he came home and pulled out his test to show me.


It was his to own.

Funny. I was going to let him own his “bad” grade and instead he got to show himself how capable he is without me all up in it.

His life. Not mine.