The older I get, the more I love my family of origin.

They haven’t changed.

No, really. If anything they have gotten more set in their ways, more opinionated about my life, more free with their commentary.

But, I have changed.

I have grown and expanded.

I choose not to be easily offended or upset.

When they start, I know what to do.

I choose to be curious and fascinated. Kind and amused.

It makes it a pleasure to be with them and visit for the holidays.

My kids love my parents in a way I wasn’t able to at their age.

It is amazing to watch them have a beautiful relationship that has nothing to do with me.

Coaching has done this for me.

When anyone tries to minimize the power of coaching in the world by discounting it as a “soft” career, I think about what it has done for my relationships.

It has turned frustration to love.

And that is about as close to magic as I have ever come.

May your holiday bring you  you bring your holiday magic…