What Matters

When I sell a book, I make about $10.


I love money and I love earning it.  Every single dollar of it.

But it’s not what really matters to me.

Sometimes, when I sell a book, I get a letter from a reader.

Here is one I received last week:



Dear Brooke,

So I usually don’t write letters like this but if I didn’t write you I would just never forgive myself. 🙂

Last night I was cruising Amazon and “because you looked at this book you might like this one” and up came “If I’m So Smart Why Cant I Lose Weight” and I was like “yeah exactly” So I went on and read the book description and thought “Hmmm” so then I went onto the reviews…..RAVE reviews. So I said “Well what is it going to hurt nothing else is working”. Got it on my Kindle Fire and started it last night. I was then up till Midnight. Then got up this morning and after my niece and nephew were dropped off I got to reading again. My life is now totally changed. Eating for fuel…..finding out why I ate for whatever reason I did. I figured it all out in like 1 day. I am 37 years old…..been over weight since I was 10. Little by little it crept up and now I am 281 lbs. I gained a lot of it after my dad passed away very un-expectantly 7 years ago last month. I went on diet after diet since I was in high school. NOTHING helped. I would do really well for a while like you said people do and then I would go house-sit and be alone and go get food. Not hungry….lonely. But after reading (not even done yet) what I did today my life is totally different. Totally changed. I just can’t wait to read the rest.

Everything you say in there is like you are talking to me. Eating for feelings and then feeling horrible (physically & mentally) afterwards knowing that wasn’t going to help what was bothering me. And then today, when I went to get one of the kids I nanny for and the mom was very inconsiderate I said to myself “It has nothing to do with me….its because of how she is and whats going on inside her” and just went on about my day. And if that had happened yesterday I would have gotten so upset (inside) and then  when I left I would have gone to get something to eat to “feel better” but not really in the long run. And leaving the house today I felt free and very controlled. It was a very bizarre feeling since I always took everything so personal and if I “felt” bad and nothing made me “feel” better than McDonalds or something utterly ridiculous. UNTIL TODAY!!!!

So basically I am saying THANK YOU sooooo very much for writing the book that is changing my life. 🙂 I cant wait for the future.



There’s no amount of money I would exchange for receiving this letter.

This is what matters.

To me.