What I Taught and Learned at Weight School

Weight School with Brooke Castillo and Susan Hyatt

Last weekend we did our very first Weight School-here is what I learned…

1. Do it the way you want to do it-not the way others do it. Honor your own vision.

I wanted to create a workshop that honored our clients and created an intimate atmosphere.  That is exactly what we did. I could not have been happier with it.

2. Know that it will always be exactly the way it was meant to be-not the way your might have expected.

Initially we wanted 60 attendees  because we wanted it small.  We had closer to 30 sign up and it was PERFECT.  We could not have created the same vibe with twice as many people.  Now we know.

3. Women who struggle with weight and work to be free of it are my kind of women.

They are my people.  We relate to each other. We laugh about the same things and suffer in the same way.  We just like being together because it’s crazy fun.

4. There are two ways to compound a overeating issue.

You can overeat and beat yourself up and you can overeat and give yourself the indifferent silent treatment.  We had women who struggled with being very unkind to themselves and their body, and we had women who were indifferent to themselves.  Some of the women had given up the fight, only to have given up everything.  We taught and learned that there is a magic middle, where we pay attention to ourselves, we eat consciously, we allow for mistakes, but we also learn from them and do the work to make progress.  So good.

5. Susan Hyatt is smart and kind and an amazing workshop partner.

I appreciate so much that she agreed to the idea of over-delivering on every level and taking a bunch of risks  experimenting with our first workshop.  I can’t wait until next year to do it again. And I can’t wait for  the online school to open in May.

If you are interested in joining us over at Weight School Online click here to find out more.