I Want to Decide What They Think

We so want to control what “they” will think.

If we could control what everyone thought of us, we could finally relax.

We worry about what they think.

We obsess about what we did to make them think a certain something.

We try to control what they think by what we do and say.

But we can’t.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t control their thoughts. We can’t decide for them.

We can’t make them love us.

We can’t make them like us.

We can’t make them think we are cool.

We know this on some level, and yet we keep trying and trying.

We believe that how they think of us will determine how we feel.

And often it does.

We let how they think about us be the master of our emotions.

So we become more and more dependent on controlling what they think.

Except that we can’t control what they think.   That’s their job.

And more often than not, they are too busy thinking about what you’re thinking to think about you.