A Relationship with Yourself


Many of the hours I spend coaching are spent showing people themselves.

Not in a judging, you should be different, kind of way…but in a notice how you act, feel and think kinda way.

It’s AMAZING how distant, indifferent, and distracted we are when it comes to what is really going on with us.

How do you feel right now?

Do you have a memorized answer to that question;  or can you hear what’s really true in this moment?

What’s going on with you in your life?

Do you look to your family and career to define this answer; or can you access your own mind for what you are creating?

Mostly, my clients are quietly desperate for their own attention.  They want to know themselves on a deeper level.  They want to see who they are.

It’s a scary process, because getting to know anyone is.  We aren’t sure we will like what we learn.

And that’s ok.  We don’t have to like everything about ourselves.  We don’t have to pretend.

But I do believe that it’s our work in the world to know ourselves.  The real truth of who we are beyond the expectations and the impressions.

We need to know that someone cares what we think, feel and do.

That’s all consciousness is.   Noticing what you are up to.

The ultimate relationship is the one you have with yourself, and therefore that which created you and guides you.