We All Just Want Love

Here is a thought that gives me peace: We all just want love. I think it when I feel someone has done me wrong. When customer service can’t find my Pottery Barn Desk I ordered two months ago. When a friend says something mean about me and someone else tells me about it. When my […]

A Relationship with Yourself

Many of the hours I spend coaching are spent showing people themselves. Not in a judging, you should be different, kind of way…but in a notice how you act, feel and think kinda way. It’s AMAZING how distant, indifferent, and distracted we are when it comes to what is really going on with us. How […]

The Universe is Good

It’s just something I choose to believe. I don’t like it when people complain about the world or the “times” or the way things are going. It doesn’t serve us. It makes us part of the problem. I love the world.  We live in the best of times, and things are going great in so […]

Trust Your Guidance

A few weeks ago, we went to San Francisco to meet our extended family for the day. We met up with them in Japan Town and then planned to head to a restaurant at the wharf. We had never been to this particular restaurant before, so although it wasn’t far away, we put it in […]

Soccer is More Important Than School

This is a picture of my son. He took of himself with his phone. He’s currently obsessed with soccer. It’s hard for many of my friends to understand how much time and energy we put into this sport. We adjusted our year-long trip to come home so our son could play with his team. And, […]


I think laughing might be the most important thing. I am fascinated by people who never seem to laugh. I laugh at everything.  I love laughing. I am always looking for an excuse to laugh.  I want to find you funny. My kids are always laughing.   They laugh at us mostly. But I love […]

Not Your Business

  Sorry, but you can’t know what is best for someone else. You may think you have answers for how they should live their life. But you don’t. Thinking you do is nothing short of arrogant. You may think they should stop drinking or overeating or watching so much TV.  You may want them to […]

Explaining Away Unhappiness

  I will be happy when I meet the love of my life. I will be happy when I am thin. I will be happy when I have more money. Problem is… We often get thinness or money or love, and the unhappiness is still there. And then we’re really screwed. Because now we are […]

Let Your Life Surprise You

  I was reading Penelope Trunk’s blog the other day and one of the lines grabbed ahold of me, “Let your life surprise you.” I wonder how you do that? You let go some. You have faith. You admit you don’t know everything. You stop trying to control how it will all turn out. I […]

A Rant for My Two Sons

Seriously?  Have some self respect. This is what I say to my children when I walk into their room at the end of the weekend. Their room looks like they’ve had a 48 hour rave when left with no weekday expectations. I talk to them about cleanliness.  I explain that being able to see the […]