Someone who Believes

I have created work when I didn’t have support and I have created work when I did. Having support is better.  Way better. I have had friends, colleagues, and mentors who have encouraged me when I doubted, and it was the difference between completion and procrastination. When I was starting The Life Coach School, I […]

Never say Never

Ten years ago, I cut up my credit cards and paid off all my debt. I have been debt free ever since. I have felt free ever since. Dave Ramsey taught me so much about living a simplified financial life based on cash. I love him. I have since taught this and discussed this lifestyle […]

Weight Suffering

Those of us who have weight suffered, don’t need it explained. We know it. We can still feel and remember the pain of it. Weight suffering isn’t just about how much you weigh or how good you look. It has very little to do with what types of food you eat. It has nothing to […]

Who’s Happier?

Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous.  Is she happier than you? Oprah Winfrey has an audience of millions. Is she happier than someone with an audience of 50? Lady Gaga’s career is on fire.  Is she happier than a mom in suburbia? Angelina Jolie seems so in love with Brad. Is she happier than the sophomore girl […]

What I Taught and Learned at Weight School

Last weekend we did our very first Weight School-here is what I learned… 1. Do it the way you want to do it-not the way others do it. Honor your own vision. I wanted to create a workshop that honored our clients and created an intimate atmosphere.  That is exactly what we did. I could […]

Survival of the Fittest

I have a very hard time with this one. A few days ago I woke up to find a mama duck and her 12 babies in my swimming pool. Immediately,  I started to worry. They had trouble getting in and out of the pool, so I made them a ramp. A hawk was stalking them, […]

I Just Wanted to Be Like Her

When I was younger, I just wanted to be like her. I spent hours thinking about how she had it made… She was beautiful. She was rich. She was talented. She was loved. And most of all, she was thin. Effortlessly thin. I knew that if I could just be her, I would have the […]

Coaches on Fire!

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge all of the students who have gone through the school. If that's you, you know what I am talking about.  This school is hard.  It requires you to show up fully and without distraction.   And student after student is doing it.  Doing the hard work […]

Are You an Expert at Suffering?

I spend a lot of my day convincing my clients they are wrong. They don’t concede easily. They fight for their limitations, their problems, their suffering. They are so good at “doing” their problems, they don’t want to give them up. They have practiced them for years. They have owned them like family heirlooms. They […]

What Matters

When I sell a book, I make about $10. Money. I love money and I love earning it.  Every single dollar of it. But it’s not what really matters to me. Sometimes, when I sell a book, I get a letter from a reader. Here is one I received last week:   Subject:  THANK YOU […]