The older I get, the more I love my family of origin. They haven’t changed. No, really. If anything they have gotten more set in their ways, more opinionated about my life, more free with their commentary. But, I have changed. I have grown and expanded. I choose not to be easily offended or upset. […]

An Example of What is Possible

I’m at the Nashville airport right now, on my way home from working with Susan Hyatt. Susan is my long time student, client, colleague and friend. Each year we do a Weight Loss event together, but this year we are creating something epic. As I hung out with her and laughed with her and talked […]

Letting go of my Son’s Success

My son brought home his test last week-Friday. History Chapter 4 Test Grade: D I took a minute and decided not to freak out. I asked him why he thought he got a D as we hugged. He said he didn’t study hard enough. He said his teacher was going to let him retake it […]

A Legend in my Own Mind

I had a customer who took one of my classes for the very first time offer to give me some feedback. I accepted. She warned me that she was going to be candid and I invited her to continue. She told me that she didn’t like how much we laughed on the calls. She told […]

Looking at Looking

This was written by one my students in a writing class I am teaching through The Life Coach School.   Her name is Kira DeRito and she is both an amazing student and an amazing teacher/coach.  I read everything she writes.  You can find her at  Subscribe to her awesome blog.   11:35 to […]

The Best Kind of Person

I have a friend: Jodi. She genuinely doesn't care that her body is not a size 6. She isn't fat.  She isn't Kate Moss. Her body is beautiful.  She.  Is beautiful. She understands that on a deep, unflinching level. I love her the way a kid loves a rocket ship.  She didn't RSVP to the […]

Sideline Expert

I'm an amazing U11 Boys Soccer Goalie. Just ask me. I sit on the sidelines and know exactly what my son needs to do. I never get tired. I could've gotten all the saves.  I would do it better, harder, faster. Right. It is so easy to be sitting in my chair with my Chai […]


As part of my school, we do live coaching with real clients.  This is some of the best free coaching you can get because you get up to three students perspectives along with mine.  If you are interested in getting coached for free please contact  Specify if you would like Weight or Life coaching. […]

Gossip is Good

Yesterday I got a direct message on twitter from a high profile coach whom I have admired for years. She told me that she had heard really good things about me from a few of my colleagues and clients. Nice. I love it when people talk behind my back. I love talking awesome about other […]

It Sucks-Let it go…

Have you ever spent such a long time working on something that you can't let it go? Even when you  know it sucks? A friend you've had for 10 years…but let's be honest, you guys have nothing in common anymore. A job that you've been at too long? A lover that has lost the love […]