Certified Coaches

In addition to coaching thousands of clients myself, I am also a teacher of coaches.  Through my Life Coach School, I am committed to training some of the most effective coaches in the world.  My programs are intense and challenging, and certification is not guaranteed.  My students are expected to coach themselves rigorously and apply each and every tool they master to their own life and their own issues.  It is my belief that good coaches become great by having a commitment to their own self awareness.  Ironically, being self aware is the way we can get out of the way when we are coaching our clients.

I stand strongly behind each coach I have trained.  I refuse to certify any coach who doesn’t love coaching, and more importantly, love their clients.  We are all in this because we know that the tools we use on our minds and our bodies can significantly reduce the amount of suffering in the world.  There is nothing we ever ask our clients to do that we haven’t done ourselves- and been changed for the better in doing so.

The coaches I have trained are some of the most successful in this industry.  Many of them have full Certifications and even Master Certifications from other coaching programs before they come to additionally learn my methodology.  I am incredibly proud to recommend such a high caliber group for you to choose from: